Our work in action...

Youth Development:

Cultural & Educational Enrichment:  Programs such as 'Odyssey of the Mind' in

Riverton Elementary School in Portland, Maine, provides a safe learning and

after-school environment for aged schooled children.Collaborating with school

teachers, this programs allowed children to create, solve problems and fun learning.

Other cultural enrichment activities: included, 'Open Mic', an event organized 

with other youth-led non-profits with the purpose of providing a positive outlet for 

young artists to express themselves to an audience through poetry, music, and dance.


Mentoring: Youth and young adults partnered with senior youth volunteers and engage in various social and life skills building activities including field trips, literacy and academic support, creative arts and drama and community service projects to promote environmental awareness and civic engagement.

Family Support Services:

Immigration & Legal Services: we provided culturally competent services, translation

services to newly arrived immigrant families. We also conducted home visits to assist 

families and individuals navigate health care services and social services systems

 (partners included the Community Partnership for Children, Catholic Charities, Safe

Hope and Cross Wind in Maine).  


​Advocacy: We assisted newly immigrants understand their rights; navigate systems;

provided referrals to parents dealing with trauma and family problems (Partners included

City of Lewiston and City of Auburn).


Community Outreach:

Health Outreach: we partnered with local community health organizations to provide 

health/wellness and nutrition counseling. 

Back-to-school Project:  As part of our back-to-school campaign, the Community

Resource Centers donated notebooks,school supplies and food to low-income students

and their families in the elementary schools in Portland and Lewiston-Auburn.

Sponsors for this project included Goodwill, Salvation Army, individual donors and

local community organizations.

Women wellness group: we provided an open forum for women of all backgrounds

experiencing challenging situations at home to interact with each other, receive

counseling, encouragement, healing and learn life skills opportunities. 

Food pantry & toiletry bank: We collaborated with other organizations to plan

homeless outreach and food pantry distribution in Connecticut and Maine (partners

includes Hyped4Christ Ministries, Loave & Fishes, Sunrise Cafe', Catholic Charity, St. Paul’s Anglican Church & Trinity Methodist Church)


Children Painting Wall