• Orphanages: Through our branch in Ghana, West Africa we provide clothing, bedding, school supplies and housing to 500 orphanage children and youth from 6 months -21 years old.


  • Leadership training: In many areas of the developing world, the formation of skilled church leaders has not kept pace with rapid church growth. We see that maturing local churches, particularly in Africa, have a zeal to sending out missionaries in an effort to increase the demand for effective missionary training. LOGKOM missionaries serves as a resource specialist in the development and delivery of services that strengthens the capacity of local church communities in developing countries. We provide leadership, teaching, guidance and training to those called to serve and those who are served.


  • Health Outreach: Promote primary care delivery by partnering with nonprofit, Light Up Africa to conduct school screening of Hepatitis B in Ghana, West Africa. Reached out to local partners, business such as Rite AID, and local hospitals in Maine area to request strips for screening. Health talks conducted to community villages in Africa includes: preventing diabetics, heart attack, stroke, typhoid, lifestyle talks, women’s health, nutritional care, elderly care, medical outreach, water and sanitation projects.

  • Health Systems: Improve health systems delivery systems in remote and developing countries. Strengthen local partnerships, develop local sustainable solutions and work with disenfranchised populations often neglected by existing or poor social service systems. In 2015, UMHFA collaborated with individual and corporate donors and major U.S hospital to donate medical supplies in the value of $ 40,000 USD to assist Ghana's flood and fire disaster that occurred July of that year. In partnership with US Peace Corps, UMHFA also donated medical supplies to small clinic in Togo, West Africa.

  • Girl’s education: Partnered with Peace Corps Togo to donate English literature books and contributed to textbook project, as part of First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let Girls Learn" Initiative, raising $ 3,750 USD in grants and fundraising. This contribution allowed the volunteer to purchase 611  new textbooks for her village and as a result allowing 135 middle school girls to have access to quality education in a culture where girl’s are undervalued.

  • Book donations: Over 100 reading books and textbooks were donated by UMHFA to several schools in the Accra and Abijian area in West Africa.


  • School building: Partnering with the board of education in Ghana, UMHFA is assisting them in constructing a new school building in a remote village serving about 2,000 children for 1st grade to 6th and 98 children of which have mental disabilities. To promote sustainable projects, all UMHFA requires ownership of project , thus,  25% community contribution from local communities seeking assistance in such projects.


  • Life Skills 4 Youth: Collaborate with local NGOs to provide training centers, readiness education and income generating activities for youth and abused women. For example, sewing machine donations from partners such as Goodwill and Salvation Army is helping over 45 African youth and women develop entrepreneurs skills for a better life.